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A large quantity of our firewood is sourced locally from the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified woods on the Wakefield Estate in Northamptonshire, which is managed by Lockhart Garrat the tree and environmental consultants.
Many of the woodlands are certified SSSI (Special Sites of Scientific Interest) and English nature are heavily involved.
Picture of woodlands
Beautiful native hardwood woodlands in Northamptonshire

Mostly, our firewood supply is a product of our ongoing forestry services although we do sometimes buy in from other local operations. We consider all our felled wood is used to its maximum potential with no waste. The larger timber trees are sold to sawmills for use in furniture etc. and the smaller wood is sold as quality firewood. We are very aware of climate change and local sourcing of our wood helps both ourselves and customers keep carbon emissions to a minimum by not using unnecessary transportation.

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