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Renewable energy is energy that is replaced by natural processes (for example energy from sun, wind, tides and water flows)

Using renewable energy can reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use, and so reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases believed to be causing climate change. Generating your own electricity is usually expensive, but using renewable energy such as Woody's logs to heat your home is much more cost-effective.

WOOD FUEL is the most widespread renewable energy source for heating in the UK. When wood is burned it produces the same amount of carbon dioxide that it absorbed whilst growing - which would have been released anyway if the tree had died and rotted.

Our wood is sourced from properly managed woodlands (most FSC certified) so the woods will have healthier and more vigorous trees.

Many people still regard the felling of trees as destructive. In fact, as long as it is managed properly, felling is beneficial for many reasons - The thinning of trees allows light through the canopy to stimulate growth regeneration and natural flora as well as allowing the remaining trees to flourish.

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